woensdag 9 november 2016

Return to Dhaka

At the end of November 2016 I hope to return to Bangladesh to follow up on a project which started this time last year. CORR Jute Works in the capital, Dhaka, offers handicrafts - made by numerous collectives of village women in many regions of the country - to the Fair Trade markets in Australia and the West. Mrs. B.G.Baroi, managing director has asked me to help in strengthening leadership in her organisation. During the first visit I worked with her on organizational  development by furthering delegation and teambuilding. We visited some of the producer groups in the country where the income that women receive from their work make a huge difference to their lives. Their children can go to school, major improvements can be made to the family home but more importantly, the work gives women a higher social status than they were allowed before by tradition. Their regional representatives have a seat in the Board of Trustees of CORR Jute Works. I am looking forward to assist in making the organisation strenger and therefore more competitive which in turn means more work for the collectives in the country.